Archetype Showroom brings a new perspective and distinctive vision to the ever-evolving worlds of fashion and design. Through innovative efforts in sales, marketing, branding and publicity, our clients gain maximum exposure and success commensurate with their outstanding talents.


Utilizing our extensive retail contacts and excellent reputation within the industry, Archetype presents select brands to the North American market within our beautifully curated New York showroom.  Using our in depth comprehension of the North American retail landscape, we work to expand a brand's wholesale business throughout the U.S. and Canada as well as within many of the top retailers from around the world.  Archetype Showroom works with majors, independents and online stores based in North America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.  


Archetype offers Marketing and Branding services through photographic art direction and styling work which clients use to further enhance and define their image.  Archetype has produced ad campaigns, lookbooks and social media content utilizing a pool of talented artists throughout New York City.   


Through implementation of strategic public relations programs, Archetype will work to maximize publicity opportunities and editorial presence for our clients in order to effectively increase brand awareness and consumer desire in the North American Market.